Bank Closures and the Budget

The Budget – ssh - don’t mention the bank closures

Speaking after the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, unveiled his budget, Jamie Stone said:

“It is quite astonishing that the Chancellor remained totally silent about the effect that the closure of our local banks is having on our town centres.

“You would have thought that after large numbers of MPs, myself included, repeatedly raised this problem the Chancellor would have addressed it in his Budget. But instead the silence was deafening.

“Despite fine words, you wonder what the Budget will deliver to halt and reverse the decay of our town centres. From Wick to Tain in my constituency it is all too clear how the rot is setting in to our precious town centres.

“I have repeatedly raised this issue in the House of Commons and urged the Government to take action – after all the Government surely has a responsibility to ensure that our local communities thrive – and yet it seems that my words fall on deaf ears. However, this will in no way prevent me continuing to raise this issue in future. Indeed it doubles my resolve.”

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