Harry Potter and the Jamie Stone

In the end I had to face it; my office in the kitchen was only a temporary solution.

So today, after a bit of work with things like a mobile signal and Wi-Fi, I am officially ensconced... under the stairs.

Years ago, when I was an MSP in Edinburgh, the newspapers used to tease me by calling me “the Harry Potter lookalike”. Now, with grey hair and not so round specs, it does seem ironic that, like Harry, I am in a sort of a cupboard below the stairs.

One thing that all MPs are doing just now is helping to get constituents who are stuck abroad back to their homes in the UK. This is taking up a fair amount of my time. Ditto those working with me.

I’ve got a case where a couple are marooned far from home after their homeward British Airways flights were suddenly cancelled.

They tried emailing the local UK consul at the official Foreign Office email address for the consulate, but days later still no reply. Not good. Particularly when the Foreign Secretary announced shortly ago a £75 million emergency airlift to get everyone home.

What did an elderly Harry Potter do? He was ‘fly’ to use a good Highland expression.

The risk was always being put “on hold” by the Foreign Office email bureaucracy (this is possibly what has happened to my constituents) so instead I sent an email asking for help to the Foreign Secretary’s own personal office in Westminster.

This I hope will bypass any possible blockages and get directly to the man himself. 

Fingers firmly crossed. We need to get those good people back.

I had no idea that the stairs above me could shed so much dust! I wonder if it’s the electric heater beside me that’s causing it??



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