Shopping, Suilven & Supporting Drivers

Meat and fish - fruit and veg - then cereals and tea - that kind of thing. That way I can follow the direction signs and go round Asda in the approved order. Then, always two paces apart, I queue for a checkout.

“Right, Jamie, that will be...” says the kind checkout lady from behind her anti-Covid screen.

GAH! I’m four quid short - and I haven’t brought any plastic with me!


“Here, I’ll lend you the difference. Pay me back when you’re next in.”

Of such things is real kindness made. Otherwise I would have had to abandon my purchases and head home again to find more money or my debit card. And really none of us should be leaving home more than once a day during lockdown. So the groceries would have to have waited until the following day.

In the North-West of my colossal constituency, a 90-year-old lady called Margaret Payne is climbing a beautiful 2,398-foot hill called Suilven - on her stairs, 282 times, to raise money for the NHS during the pandemic.


I know Margaret. She was an great friend of my late mother and I also know that her husband Jim died on Christmas Day last year. She is going up and down those stairs as a thank you to the NHS who she says looked after Jim so well.

Brave 99-year-old soldier Captain Tom Moore recently raised an utterly astounding £26 million for the NHS by walking 100 times round his garden. Frankly, it is an honour to know someone like Margaret. 

Car insurers have reported an almost 50% drop in claims during lockdown. The UK Government tells us that driving is down by 75% as a result of lockdown. Accordingly, it has been calculated that insurers are set to make £1 billion profit from all of the motorists who cannot drive right now.

Insurers in the US and elsewhere have refunded premiums to customers. So, this week I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer asking him to step in and get insurance companies to pay back a proportion of insurance premiums to their customers.

27 MPs from all political parties agreed to co-sign my letter. Bless them. Working together trumps party politics every time.

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