Brexit Chaos

Brexit Chaos – The interests of the Far North are crucial

Speaking yesterday in Westminster Jamie has said that it is crucial that nothing arising out of the present Brexit chaos should damage the interests of the Far North and its people.

Jamie said:

“I am quite clear about what I must do. At all times I must strive to ensure that none of my constituents lose out.

“Anything that would lead to perishable food products from the Far North taking longer to reach European markets would be unthinkable. Additionally I cannot possibly support any proposal that would lead to farmers and crofters losing income.

“Whatever London or Brussels is proposing, I must put my constituency first. Sadly there is wild talk in Westminster about the financial blow that might face our economy because of what is happening right now. I absolutely cannot accept anything whatsoever that will hurt the economy of our far flung and fragile area.

“This has been my message to the House of Commons. I cannot support the proposed deal because I fear that it will let the people of the Far North down.”

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