Caithness Maternity Services

Scottish Government failing Caithness Mothers

Following reports that a Caithness mum was left in excruciating pain after travelling 100 miles from Wick to Inverness to give birth, Jamie Stone has once again called on the Scottish Government to provide a safety audit for expectant mothers having to make the 200-mile round journey.

Commenting Mr Stone said:

“Following the downgrading of maternity services in Caithness, more and more mothers are being forced to make a last-minute journey to Inverness whilst in labour.

“Earlier this year a mother gave birth to twin boys 52 miles apart and now we have a mother left in excruciating pain due to the lack of local facilities.

“Despite repeatedly asking the Scottish Government for a safety audit during my first two years as an MP I have never received a response. How many more incidents is it going to take before the SNP Government takes note and does something to ensure the safety of mothers in my constituency?

“No woman should have to face this when giving birth. I have been raising the issue of the distances faced by mothers in the Far North at every opportunity and it is shameful that the Scottish Government continues to fail to act.

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