Cancelled Operations

22% cancelled operations due to capacity in NHS Highland

Jamie Stone has called on the Health Secretary to ease NHS pressures after new statistics revealed 22% of cancelled operations were cancelled in March alone for non-clinical or capacity reasons at NHS Highland hospitals.

New figures from ISD Scotland have revealed that a total of 139 operations were cancelled on the day of surgery or the previous day in the Highlands in that month.

Mr Stone commented:

“Patients are missing out on planned operations through no fault of their own, causing unacceptable pain and suffering.

“The financial burden on those who have to travel large distances to attend their surgery adds to the anguish felt by many patients.

“Hard working NHS staff keep our health services chugging along day by day despite crippling cuts and under-resourcing. I have nothing but respect for the staff who actually deliver for NHS patients. But the simple fact is they haven’t got the resources they need to meet demand and keep operations running to schedule.

“The SNP have repeatedly promised to staff our NHS effectively, yet this is yet more evidence the SNP is failing the people of Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has relied on the goodwill of staff for far too long. Scottish Liberal Democrats demand better, starting with the publication of the long-overdue integrated health and social care workforce plan.”


ISD Scotland figures can be found here.

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