Civil Servants and No Deal Brexit

No deal Brexit already a huge drain of public resources

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Armed Forces, has criticised the Government’s decision to redeploy 1,000 defence workers in a no-deal scenario.

A message sent to staff in the Defence Equipment and Support agency has appealed for volunteers to be redeployed and that, while it was “uncertain” what work would be required it would be a “real development opportunity”.

Defence Equipment and Support is the agency within the Ministry of Defence that supplies the Army, Royal Navy and RAF with everything from food to fighter jets.

Commenting Mr Stone said:

“The Tory Government wholeheartedly accept that a no-deal Brexit will create chaos and mayhem, and are diverting public resources to solve an outcome they are able to prevent.

“1,000 workers will be diverted away from the vital work they do within the Ministry of Defence, supporting our armed forces, to do unspecified jobs clearing up the chaos created by this Government’s lack of planning.

“We must assume that workers from other departments are also being redeployed, potentially a huge drain of public resources.

“Rather than wasting time and money on crisis management the Government must now realise that the only real way out of this deadlock is to hold a People’s Vote, with the option to remain in the EU.”

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