Stone thanks NHS Scotland Staff

Stone Thanks NHS Scotland Staff in Parliament

Far North MP Jamie Stone has co-sponsored Christine Jardine MP's motion thanking NHS Scotland staff for their work amid the coronavirus outbreak.

It recognises the immense pressured placed on doctors, nurses and support staff, as well as the risk posed to their own health while carrying out their roles. It goes on to express immense gratitude to these staff members on behalf of the Commons, in a show of solidarity during such difficult times. 

After co-sponsoring the motion, Mr Stone said:

“I am glad to have joined Christine Jardine in thanking every single person in our health and social care sector who will be working around the clock to look after us during this very difficult time

"The 150,000 NHS Scotland staff are going to be placed under an unprecedented amount of pressure over the coming weeks and months, especially after years' worth of cuts and under-resourcing.

“We are all well aware in the Highlands of the additional challenges faced by staff when confronted with our rugged geography, pothole covered roads, and the huge distances between our main towns. They, in particular, have my utmost respect. 

"If you're a health or social care worker in the Far North, please get in touch if there's anything I can do to help."

That this House recognises the severity of the current coronavirus outbreak and its impact on health and social care services across the UK; notes that in Scotland, there are approximately 157,000 NHS staff for a population of 5,295,400; further notes that there are over 300 hospitals in Scotland; acknowledges the immense pressure that doctors, nurses and support staff working in Scotland’s NHS may face over the next few weeks or months in urban and remote areas alike; recognises the personal risk they are undertaking in carrying out their roles; and expresses its immense thanks and gratitude to these staff members for the work they are doing and will do during these difficult times.


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