Stone: close caravan sites as a matter of urgency

Stone: close caravan sites as a matter of urgency
Far North MP, Jamie Stone, has written to the Scottish and UK Governments asking for them to make it their policy to close caravan sites during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
In his letter, Mr Stone said:

"The Highland Council has informed me that at present there is no agreed Scottish Government policy as to whether caravan sites should be allowed to continue to operate and accept visitors from other parts of the UK during the time of the pandemic.

"Clearly this causes concern for my constituents who live near caravan sites. Halting the spread of coronavirus is an absolute imperative if we are to minimise illness and the number of resulting deaths.

"The Scottish Government needs to decide on an appropriate policy as a matter of some urgency. And if caravan sites are required to close for the period of the pandemic, then an appropriate financial compensation package should be offered by the Scottish Government to offset the loss of income owing to closure."

 "It is because of this last point that I am copying this letter the Chancellor of the Exchequer. At the end of the day coronavirus is no respecter of a border between Scotland and the rest of the UK. A consistent UK wide approach to halting the coronavirus is an absolute necessity.".

Commenting afterward, Mr Stone said:
"People holidaying in the Highlands must return home where they can access their local health services.  I am concerned that our health services in the Far North cannot cope with a population swell during this Coronavirus pandemic.
"We need a consistent UK wide approach to stop people from bringing the virus to places like the Highlands just because it seems like a good location to escape to. Many of us here struggle to access health services as it is. 
"Both the Scottish and UK Governments must do everything they can to stop the virus spreading, including the prevention of people holidaying for the foreseeable future."

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