Delivery Charges

“Extra delivery charges are a wholly unfair geography tax” - Stone

Jamie Stone has today called for the establishment of a Royal Commission to look into the extra delivery charges faced by those in the remotest parts of Scotland.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Stone said:

“The Prime Minister will be only too well aware that people living in the remote Highlands and Islands are being penalised by extra charges for the delivery of goods and utilities. Indeed, I would say this is a wholly unfair geography tax on my constituents.

“Can I therefore appeal to the Prime Minister to consider and look favourably upon the proposal that a Royal Commission be set up to look into these extra charges and how they could be eliminated.”

Responding the Prime Minister said:

"Can I say to the Honourable Gentleman that we have taken the price of parcel surcharges, including for more remote constituencies, seriously. We have set up the Consumer Protection Partnership to look at this very issue and that brings various consumer bodies together from the advice and enforcement world to look at the transparency and accuracy of pricing of delivery charges as well as the level of fairness of charges.

“But I am sure that the relevant minister from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will be happy to meet the Honourable Gentleman to discuss this further.”

Commenting after the exchange Jamie said:

"I am very pleased that the Prime Minister is willing to take seriously the unfairness of the extra delivery charges that affect many of my constituents.

"However, it is clear that current measures do not go far enough. I will therefore be meeting with Ministers from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy at the earliest possible time to discuss what the Government can do to bring delivery charges in the Highlands and Islands in line with the rest of the UK and to remove this unfair geography tax."

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