Indicative Votes

Yesterday’s Indicative Votes in the House of Commons have showed that significant support has shifted towards giving the people the final say on Brexit.

The confirmatory referendum option received more support than Theresa May’s deal and was the most popular option on the order paper.

Commenting Jamie Stone said:

“While we did not expect a definitive outcome from these indicative votes, we have seen a significant shift to a People’s Vote.

“In fact the option to put a vote back to the people received more votes than any other option put to Parliament at any point through this mess.

“The Lib Dems have been calling for a People’s Vote for nearly three years, and any agreement reached over Brexit must be put to the people in a confirmatory referendum.

“The Leave campaign made promises which are simply undeliverable. The public must be able to choose between the final Brexit offer – once they know what that looks like – and keeping the deal we already have as full members of the EU.”

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