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Stone supports new code of conduct for MPs

Jamie Stone joins cross-party calls for a new code of conduct for behaviour in the House of Commons.

Led by More United and Compassion in Politics the new code of conduct will start to bridge the divides in parliament and raise the standards of debate in the House of Commons.

Commenting Mr Stone said:

“By signing this pledge I am committing to work to build consensus with my Parliamentary colleagues in a constructive and positive way.

“We must put the country first and find ways to work together on the most pressing issues we face.

“Deliberate use of inflammatory language has no place in parliament, or any work place, and MPs must commit to be held to a higher standard.”


The full pledge reads:

As your elected representatives, we should be the change we want to see. We pledge to uphold the code:

  1. Put country above political divides, avoid language or behaviour that incites hate or encourages disrespect, and to work together to build a more united country
  2. Reform debate as a way to build consensus: not as a way to tear each other down for political point scoring but to speak with truth and integrity
  3. Uphold a level of respect and professionalism between colleagues. We passed the laws that set the standards throughout out country’s workplaces. We need to be held equally accountable.

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