ScotRail Delay Compensation

Compensation scheme yet another way ScotRail lets down customers

ScotRail has been criticised for its complex compensation scheme for delayed passengers, with research revealing that the process is among the UK’s most complicated.

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Cancelled Operations

22% cancelled operations due to capacity in NHS Highland

Jamie Stone has called on the Health Secretary to ease NHS pressures after new statistics revealed 22% of cancelled operations were cancelled in March alone for non-clinical or capacity reasons at NHS Highland hospitals.

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Raise a Dram

Raise a dram to those producing Scotland’s iconic drink

Figures released today by the Scotch Whisky Association show that the contribution of the Scotch whisky industry to the UK economy has grown by 10% since 2016 to £5.5bn.

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Indicative Votes

Yesterday’s Indicative Votes in the House of Commons have showed that significant support has shifted towards giving the people the final say on Brexit.

The confirmatory referendum option received more support than Theresa May’s deal and was the most popular option on the order paper.

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Fairtrade Chocolate

End exploitation of cocoa farmers

Far North MP, Jamie Stone, has co-sponsored a motion in Parliament calling for an end to the unfair exploitation of cocoa farmers in the developing world.

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Tain School

Responding to a video from pupils from Tain Royal Academy, Knockbreck Primary School and Craighill Primary School showing the poor state of their current schools, Mr Stone has called on the Scottish Government to find the much needed funds to build a new school.

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The need to address this issue has been recognised for some time and funds were set aside for a new school during Mr Stone’s time as a Highland Councillor.

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Disability Price Tag

Disability shouldn’t mean everyday life costs more

Jamie Stone has today showed his support for disabled people at a parliamentary event organised by disability equality charity Scope.

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Access to Cash

We need a regulator to protect access to cash

More than 8 million UK adults would struggle to cope in a cashless society, according to a major report which claims that the country’s “cash infrastructure” is in danger of collapsing.

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Plastic Pledge

Jamie Stone pledges to go plastic free for lent

Far North MP Jamie Stone is joining MPs from across the House in partnering with Tearfund, a development charity working to set up innovative waste recycling hubs in some of the world’s poorest slum communities.

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Treatment Time Guarantee

SNP continue to fail Highlands when it comes to healthcare

Jamie Stone has today called the First Minister’s 12-week Treatment Time Guarantee “completely worthless”, after it was missed by the largest ever margin on record.

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