Oil and Gas Industry

“The Oil and Gas industry in the Highlands must be preserved, enhanced and protected”

Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, has called on the government to protect the future of the oil and gas industry in the Highlands. Speaking in a debate on 9th October Mr Stone noted the history of the industry in the Far North and highlighted the need for investment and protection, especially with the uncertainty that Brexit brings.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Jamie said:

“We still have great potential for the future with technologies moving forward. The contribution that the oil industry has made in the past, makes today and can make in the future to the whole of the remotest parts of Scotland is absolutely huge.

“My plea to this government and future governments is to remember the benefit that is the oil and gas industry.

“Please preserve it, please enhance it and please protect it for the generations to come.”

Speaking after the debate Mr Stone said:

“We are now in the unchartered waters of Brexit. I am quite clear as to the importance of the oil and gas industry to the local economy in the Highlands and Islands and also future job prospects for our young people.

“Come what may it is my job to ensure that neither the Scottish Government nor the UK Government does anything that might damage this industry during the years to come.”

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