Public Consultation for Bank Closures

Jamie Stone calls for public consultations ahead of bank closures

Speaking in a debate in Westminster, Jamie Stone has called for public consultations to be mandatory for proposed bank closures.

Speaking in the Chamber Mr Stone said:

“As and when a local authority in Scotland wants to close a school there has to be a proper public consultation process. Would the hon members agree with me that something like that would be appropriate for the proposed closure of bank branches?”

Commenting after the debate Mr Stone said:

“The county of Sutherland, which is 2028 square miles, has been left with only one bank branch following the closure of the Clydesdale branch in Brora.

“For some people this means a 150-mile round journey or a three and a half hour bus journey just to access over the counter banking services and shows that banks do not take into consideration the needs of local people when closing branches.

“That is why there ought to be more than a tick-box consultation exercise and for every proposed bank closure there should be a statutory public consultation which is open, transparent and fair, as is required by law when a school closure is proposed.”

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