Racial Equality

Update 6 August 2020

In keeping with my commitment to the BLM movement to keep learning, I have decided to endorse the #AbolishBAME campaign. These are the articles that educated me on the subject - they're definitely worth a read!

'Dear white people: We really hate the term BAME, so stop using it' by Vivian Iroanya

'Don't call me BAME. We need a new political language' by Kenan Malik

It will be of no surprise to any of you that I am a white man. Black Lives Matter is teaching me to look at the prejudices that come with that privilege. One of the things that it has taught me is not to drown out black voices with my own white voice.

My full statement and explanation can be read here. In keeping with that commitment, please see below for the work being done by my black colleagues in Parliament. I support everything they are doing. It is my intention to amplify and support their work rather than drown it out with my own voice, so please share their fight against racism as widely as you can.

I have signed all the below EDMs. If I am not your MP, please email yours to demand that they show support to Dawn Butler MP and Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP.

  • EDM520Demands the UK Government stops selling police equipment to the United States (Tabled by Dawn Butler MP)
  • EDM561: Urgently calls on the Government to investigate the circumstances of Belly Mujinga's death, the contraction of covid-19 and the assault that took place prior to her contraction of covid-19 (Tabled by Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP)
  • EDM564"Calls on the UK Government to challenge institutional racism and address the racial disparities in our criminal justice system"  (Tabled by Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP)

You can watch Flo Eshalomi question the Home Secretary on #BlackLivesMatter here

Please also see this letter from Dawn Butler MP about the sale of police equipment to the US - glad to be one of 167 MPs who signed this, but note that this means there are over 400 MPs who did not. You can read about Dawn's work on this here. You may also have seen that Dawn has received disgusting death threats - please reach out to her and her staff with some good old fashioned Highland kindness! Regardless of differing views about the Bristol statue, death threats are never acceptable. Her email is [email protected]





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