RBS Failing

RBS are failing their customers

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat MP for Scottish Affairs, has criticised RBS for their poor customer service. 

On a day where RBS announced that profits more than doubled to 1.62bn in 2018, the bank has been ranked bottom of an official survey of customers’ satisfaction with their banks.

The survey revealed that fewer than half (47%) of Royal Bank of Scotland personal current account customers said they would recommend the bank.

Commenting Jamie said:

“It’s pretty grotesque that RBS are reporting such big profits while at the same time failing their customers. This profit should be ploughed back into customer services which are well below what their customers deserve.

“I am not that surprised that RBS has come bottom of the 16 banks on the list. With branch closures happening all too frequently and being replaced by erratic mobile branch services it’s no shock that customers are unhappy.

“To make matters worse - we now see the growing threat of post office closures. When they closed local branches, didn’t RBS and other banks tell us that we’d still be able to to use the local post office for our banking needs?

“The whole thing is a growing shambles where it ordinary law-abiding citizens are doing all the losing out. It is time for the UK Government to step in and catch a grip - right from the RBS top brass to our precious local post offices.”

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