Tory trade deal fails farmers

Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, Jamie Stone, has responded to the news that a trade deal with Australia has been agreed.

There is no evidence the agreement will prevent cheaper and lower quality food products flooding the UK market. By contrast, farmers in Australia are allowed to use some hormone growth promoters, pesticides, and feed additives that are banned in the UK.

It has not been examined by parliament, leading the UK trade and Business Commission to criticise the deal for being "pushed through parliament with limited scrutiny".

Commenting on the news, Mr Stone said:

“Not putting this deal before parliament means that MPs like me who represent crofters and farmers have been stopped from making meaningful changes that would stop prices and animal welfare standards from being undercut.

“Quite simply, the agreement fails our farmers, and it fails consumers who care about animal welfare standards.

"The deal will benefit the whisky industry - and for that I am glad! I just think that not putting it to Parliament has meant that other industries, like the farming industry, have been cut out with no means of recourse. It's yet another of example of a Prime Minister who doesn't care for Parliamentary sovereignty and the farmers I represent."


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