Fuel Poverty

Speaking in today’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, Jamie has called on the UK and Scottish Government’s to factor fuel poverty into welfare payments.

In the Far North those in receipt of benefits are facing disproportionately higher heating bills than anywhere else in the country and they simply don’t have any other choice.

Fuel poverty must be factored in when assessing welfare payments so the most vulnerable in society are not left cold in their own homes.

Broadband Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech promised UK wide broadband coverage but the Scottish Government is responsible for delivering this and they continue to fail those in the Far North.

Today Jamie has called on the UK Government to step in when devolved powers fail to deliver on broadband roll outs in rural areas of the UK.

Syrian Resettlement

Jamie has today called on the Government to stop arms sales to Turkey in the light of human rights violations and extend the vulnerable persons resettlement scheme.

Currently the Conservative Government has given one year’s further commitment to the vulnerable persons resettlement scheme which provides sanctuary to some of the most vulnerable Syrians, including children and young people.

Baby Loss Awareness Week

This Baby Loss Awareness Week Jamie raised the issue of access to local services in remote parts of the UK.

Those who have experienced the trauma of baby loss must have local access to the support they need.

Hacker House

Today Jamie questioned the Government on payments made by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to Hacker House, a company run by Jennifer Arcuri.

The Prime Minister's actions have once again shown his lack of concern for due diligence and he must be held to account for his actions.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport needs to be scrutinised on how it checks whether companies are eligible for Government grants and there must be practices in place to ensure no one is able to hand out grants on the basis of friendship.

British Defence Manufaturing

Only by developing and manufacturing our own defence hardware can we be fully in control of the intellectual property behind it.

If we fail to give contracts for state-of-the-art defence systems and equipment to British companies, or to British led international consortia, British defence companies could easily go the same way as the British car industry. If we lose these companies and their skills it would be next to impossible to build up this knowledge and expertise in the future.

This is vital not only for the manufacturing industry in the UK but also for the security of our nation.

Delivery Charges

The Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, agrees with Jamie that increased delivery charges shouldn't be a part of life for those living in the Highlands.

We now need the Government to take action.

NHS Recruitment

NHS recruitment is devolved to the Scottish Government but Jamie cannot ignore the crisis we are facing in the Highlands when it comes to recruitment and retention of health service workers. Earlier this week he asked the Department for Health about this at an Urgent Question in the Commons.


Universal Credit and Highland Council

The UK Government's botched Universal Credit roll out has cost the Highland Council £2.5 million. Local people desperately need proper local services and Jamie asked the Government to refund this money to the council.


VE Day 2019

Today is the 74th Anniversary of VE Day. We remember those who lost their lives and value the hard-won peace and unity across the EU that they helped secure. We must rededicate ourselves to the cause of peace in Europe - and to the EU as the best way of maintaining that peace

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