Universal Credit and Financial Compensation

As Universal Credit is rolled out at a national level and its flaws become apparent, flaws that were ignored when pointed out by people in the Highlands, it is only natural justice that Highland people who have lost out under the new system should be considered for compensation for all that they have undergone.

Drones at Gatwick

Yesterday Jamie asked the Secretary of State for Transport what he is doing to encourage international cooperation when it comes to drones.

What happened at Gatwick over Christmas was not only incredibly stressful for those affected but shows the need for increased drone regulation and for improved counter-drone technology to protect airports and other strategic assets.

Last Stone in Westminster 2018

My last Westminster update for 2018. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Civil Servant Jobs

It can only help the UK Government if civil servants work in Scotland as well as London and have closer contact with the people living north of the border. That's why Jamie asked the Cabinet Office what they are doing to ensure the best working relationship between Scottish and UK civil servants. 

Disability and Work Plan

The statement made on Monday about the Government's Good Work Plan made no mention of disability. Jamie asked the Secretary of State what the Department is doing to make work places inclusive and open to all. 

Inverness City Deal

The Inverness and Highlands city region deal has meant a lot of money has been spent on Inverness but not enough in the rural Highlands.

The Minister did not seem to realise that many living in my constituency don't feel they have benefited from the city deal and this must change.

Brexit Vote Delay

On Monday the Prime Minister delayed the Brexit vote as she knew she would lose. Yesterday in an emergency debate I asked about the sort of message this sends out to our constituents.

PMQ Spaceport Jobs

Today I asked the Prime Minister to ensure that the maximum jobs arising from the Sutherland spaceport will go to those living locally in the Far North.

ATM Closures

This morning Jamie spoke in a debate on ATM closures, highlighting the distances between ATMs in the constituency.

Any one of the ATMs closing would be of severe detriment to those who rely on them and it was great to see cross party consensus on this issue.

RAF 100

This year we mark 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

Jamie suggested to the Secretary of State that a good way to mark this, and to make use of currently redundant historic RAF sites, would be to create a trail of tourist attractions throughout the country with the money raised going towards charities that help serving and ex armed forces personnel.

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