WWI Armistice Centenary

Jamie Stone remembers those who lost their lives in WWI

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrats Armed Forces Spokesperson, has remembered the lives of those who died in the First World War, including his great uncle who won a posthumous Victoria Cross and those unknown soldiers who died fighting alongside him.

Speaking in the House of Commons Jamie Stone said:

“On 30 November 1917 at Bourlon Wood near Cambrai, there was a massive German attack and my great uncle, Walter Stone, was at the front. Many soldiers were ordered to retreat, but he opted to stay at the front. He died, it is said, fighting to the last, along with the soldiers who stayed with him.

“Some time afterwards it was announced that he had been awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross. Now, that is family pride and I boast not of it, but I do wonder about the soldiers who stayed with him. Those soldiers did not desert him. They all lost their lives; none of them survived.

“The award that my great uncle received is about all those who stayed at the front. In a way, I think that all honours and medals awarded apply to a much broader spectrum than just to the people who won them.”

Speaking after the debate Mr Stone said:

“It was a great honour to represent my party in this debate. I am also very privileged to be laying a wreath in my home town of Tain this Sunday.

Each time I go to the church where the memorial is I read the names on the plaque and remember those who gave their lives. We must never forget their sacrifice and I wear my poppy with pride.”

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